Tasting Room

First and foremost, our beers are available at our Tasting Room inside the Brewery.  Most of our beers are always available in one vessel or another, and we have a lot of new styles constantly being unleashed.

Bars and Eateries

Our beers are distributed to many local establishments here in San Diego for your enjoyment.  The list of businesses that offer our variety of beers is constantly growing.  If your favorite spot doesn’t have our beer, tell them to contact us!


Check your local Southern California beverage retailers for our beers that are available in bottles and cans.  We are always growing our portfolio of packaged beers as well as the list of stores that carry them.

Tasting Room Sign for beers that are now available
Tasting Room Sign for Seasonal Beers
Tasting Room Sign of Pigeon Hole Beer
Jinx Remover Beer Sign
Tasting Room Sign of Legacy of Brutality Beer
Puzzled Panther Beer Sign
Green Hat Beer Sign
Tasting Room Sign of Devil Cat Beer
Tasting Room Sign of Green Hat Wet Hop Beer
Tasting Room Shots Fired Beer
Tasting Room Sign for Radio Silence Beer
Tasting Room Sign of Puppy Cuddles Beer
Tasting Room Sign of Beam of Darkness Beer
Customized Yellow Merc Beer Sign
Nucular Strategery Beer Sign
Tasting Room Sign of Tiki Coconut Beer
Nervous Breakdown Beer Sign
Mittens Beer Sign
Jazz Hands Beer Sign
Bock Don't Run Beer Sign
Tasting Room Sign of Apocalypse Pony Beer
Beer Named Sue Beer Sign
Demognome Beer Sign
Mellor Stout Beer Sign
External view of tasting room doors with multiple signs posted

Visit the Brewery

The best place to taste our beers is straight at the source.  Here you will find the largest selection of Fall beers anywhere, see where it is made, and be able to take some home for later.